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EMS ProToning Body Toning Results Before - After Canterbury

Working So Hard Yet Still Not The Definition You Want?

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It is an FDA-approved/Medical CE-marked walk-in/walk-out treatment that is excellent for toning and also increasing muscle mass strength.

Also for fat loss in a selection of body locations, including the stomach muscles, calf bones, triceps muscular tissues, and also arms.

Want To Feel More Your Old Self?

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The therapy additionally helps as well as improves stomach strength clients with low back discomfort and/or weak point, along with in ladies who have diastasis recti (abdominal muscle splitting up) after pregnancy.

Eating Well & Keeping Fit Yet Still Have Stubborn Areas of Fat?

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EMS ProToningis additionally the very first non-invasive buttock toning procedure worldwide, it is also well known favourite of the stars, allowing you to melt away fat from those stubborn areas that never seem to shift!

Looking To Bounce Back From Injury?

If you are struggling to get back into shape, suffering with chronic pain and feel as though there are no options left here at DSM Healthy Skin we can help you.

Why Choose DSM Healthy Skin Canterbury?

Short Treatment Times

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Significant outcomes can be felt after the preliminary EMS ProToningsession.

The average therapy time is thirty minutes.
After four therapy sessions, the typical increase in muscle mass is 16 percent.

Effective, targeted Weight-Loss

Build muscle
After four therapy sessions, the ordinary weight loss is 21% after 2-4 weeks. People with decreased neck as well as back discomfort and/or weakness must take this supplement to enhance gastrointestinal stamina.

Noticeable Results FAST!

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For two weeks, four therapy sessions are generally called for every 2-3 days.

Improves diastasis recti after pregnancy (abdominal muscle splitting up).

EMS ProToningTreatment's:

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While melting fat, it reinforces and develops abdominal muscles.

One EMS ProToningtreatment is equivalent to 20,000 sit-ups or squats.

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